Leverage Photography exists so you can:  Be in the moment during your kid's athletic events. Enjoy lasting photographic memories. Help fund an adoption.

Every week, we get the privilege to photograph athletes, so you can enjoy the event as it happens. During your event, you can stay warm and dry, cheer and savor the moments of watching your athlete while we do our job - deliver professional action photography to you!  

When you hire us,  your fees are used in a special way.  100% of your photography fee goes to  families Leverage sponsors for their adoption fund. YES! 100%! We donate our time and photography talent to generate funding for families who are raising funds for adoption. 

Consider hiring Leverage Photography for your next athletic event. Enjoy a life time of memories while helping a family fund their adoption.

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Judd Johnson 

(260) 413-3591


Celebrating a Milestone

Leverage Photography Story

In the fall of 2013, I was sitting in church. The message and sermon series encouraged us to leverage our time, talent and influence on others for Kingdom building purposes. Fast forward a few weeks as I was driving to Chicago for work. Since Tyler and Natalie Ward  were in Chicago for a little get away, I invited myself for lunch with them. During the drive God presented the dream and idea to start charging for sport photos I take and give the Wards what I earn to help with their adoption fund. The name for this dream also happened on this drive. The sermon series mentioned above was called Leverage. And this is how Leverage Photography was born.

During lunch, the conversation was somewhat one sided as I shared this new dream with the Wards. I left lunch encouraged that I knew I could help them with their adoption funding. By the time I reached my office, my phone rang and just like that, I had my first paying customer booked. 

From one family to two, then three families -  we offered to help with their adoption funding. Events started to happened. We raised around $4000 that first year. During the Fall season of 2018, we generated over $16,000 for adoptions. And in our five years of adoption fund raising, we continue to donate 100% of the funds we generate from sports photography to families we sponsor for their adoption funding. 

To those who have hired us - THANK YOU! You have made a mark in a family's life by helping them with their adoption fund.